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Scott Fly Rods – A2 9′ 4wt

Fish bums (and we say that endearingly) and A2 rods were made for each other. The A2 series offers a full line up of fresh and salt water rods to meet any fishing challenge head on. They have balanced medium fast actions, and deliver great performance at a value price. So whether you like hiking up a secret creek, covering a tailwater, stalking a flat, casting poppers for toothy critters, or setting up a big drift with a double hander, you’ll find just the right tool in the A2 series.

I picked up a Scott A2 4wt fly rod because I needed a good price without sacrificing quality….the Scott A2 fly rod fit the bill perfectly.

I’m used to fly fishing with fast action rods, but was very impressed on how well this rod cast and how it felt in my hand. Its lightweight and very smooth on the casting stroke, which loads easily and could feel with no problems. Being able to feel the rod load definitely helps with your timing. Accuracy and distance was not a problem with this rod, but if you’re NOT used to fishing slower action rods, then you will need to slow down your timing just a little bit. Generally a slower stroke means you’ll gain a little more accuracy, but a lot depends on your style of casting, your experience and line of choice.

I wanted to find out how this rod performed on a good sized fish before I wrote this review and was able to test this by hooking into a decent sized brown trout on a Northern Wisconsin trout stream. The rod flex was not too hard or soft when I set the hook with 6x tippet. The rod easily managed and controlled the fish in some good current flow. Overall I am very impressed on how the Scott A2 fly rod handled when fighting a fish.

This rod is also an excellent rod for new anglers to the sport and guides or experienced anglers wanting to add to their collection. The Scott A2 fly rod would work equally well as a fly angler’s main trout rod. A few of my clients have commented on how much they liked using this rod on full day fly fishing trips. Also the look and finish of this rod would satisfy most fly anglers. The Scott A2 fly rod would be a welcome addition to anyone looking for a high quality rod at an affordable price.

Please remember, just like buying a new car, head to your local fly shop to test out fly rods by casting them with the correct weight fly line. Good quality fly shops, like Great Lakes Fly Company (tell them that Carson sent you), will not hesitate in helping your pick out the right fly rod for you.

All Scott Fly Rods have an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty for the original owner, if they can’t repair it, then they will find a way to replacement. Also every Scott fly rod is built with the same quality, so no matter which rod you get, you’ll know it was built with Scott quality.