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What You Need to Know about Fly Fishing Tackle

Whether you’re new to the sport of fly fishing, or have been enjoying it for years, knowing the location of the local fly fishing tackle store is a great way to help make your trip successful. This is the place where you can pick up extra equipment, or maybe grab a reel when yours breaks, or snag the extra lures that you forgot to pack. It’s also a good place to catch up on local fishing news, like weather conditions, which fish are biting where, and what’s the best lure to get them to bite.

In addition to lures and bait, a good fly fishing shop will have rods, reels, traps, floats, tackle boxes, lines, nets and other fishing gear. You may also be able to buy tents, a camp stove, fishing vests and boots. Buying gear here could improve your fishing trip, since the shop is most likely to sell equipment that is suited for the area. Look for well-known, quality manufacturers, such as St. Croix, Daiwa, Okuma, Berkley and Shimaro.

Fishing with the Locals

Many of these fly fishing tackle shops offer guided fishing trips. This means you can head out to fish with a local fishing expert. This person will understand the tides of the river, the best time of day to catch fish, and which tools you’ll are best for the area.

So, when you stop in to pick up some extra weights, or replace a broken reel, take a look at the trips offered by the store. Having the company and advice of a local expert will go a long way to guarantee an excellent catch.

Finding Fly Fishing Tackle

There are a lot of places to buy fly fishing tackle. Big box discount stores offer fishing gear, along with department stores and outdoor centers. These shops will offer a wide variety of reels, rods, lines, etc, and advice on which equipment is suited to what type of fishing.

There are times, however, when the local store may not sell the brand you want, or you want to try something new. Instead of driving all over town looking at different shops, try searching the Internet. Do a search for fly fishing tackle shops, and you’ll get hundreds of results. Browse through the myriad of sites. Many are devoted to providing information about the techniques and gear for fly fishing. You may even find a site that sells that special rod or reel that was out of stock or unavailable at your favorite fishing store.

Follow the Rules

While the Internet is an ideal place to get information about fly fishing, you may not find specific information about the area you want to fish. Different states have different laws regarding fishing, and those laws can vary from county to county within that state. This is where the local tackle shop can be of help. You can get information about limits, hook regulations (some counties have banned barbed hooks) and which fish are endangered.